I am a serial entrepreneur and have been president of Sales Lab Incorporated for over 30 years. I blog to promote my companies, new technologies, and civic and social interests. I am a loud and frequent speaker on how businesses are adopting new technology.

Question - What would I want to learn when I go to a website?
  • First, geographic location.
    I lived in Washington DC for over 30 years, with a fabulous stop in Sausalito, California. I have had several national territories for global IT companies, so I know where the good seats are in most US airports. I now reside in North Carolina.
  • Next, I might want to see a picture (click to expand),
  • Perhaps a comprehensive bio, or a speaker's bio,
  • And I probably want to know what the site owner thinks is important...what interests them,
  • See Dick's Sales Model that has been creating explosive growth, abundant cash flow for over 30 years,
  • I would like to know what others write about him,
  • See the slides from a global webinar for startups,
  • I would want to know what he might do for me,
  • Sales Lab resources,
  • Perhaps a little humor,
  • Finally, I might want a way to contact, if I'm so inclined...
There. That wasn't so hard.
Please let me know what you think.