Microsoft Kudos

"Most dynamic and informative Microsoft speaker I have heard ..."

David West, PC Support Manager
Network Dynamics, Inc.

"Excellent communicator with a fresh attitude towards sales. I will take it with me. Thanks for the emotional boost. I needed one."

Robert Sanders, Vice President
RMSI, Inc.

"Made me understand what I need to do to increase sales."

Ingrid Sanders, President
RMSI, Inc.

"Shows how to communicate effectively with prospects."

Alvah Wyatt, President
Microtel Systems

"New ways to look at seminars."

John Novak, President
NOVA Technology Services, Inc.

"Dick reminded me of many things to work with ... GOOD JOB!"

Al Saxon, Director of Sales,
NOVA Technology Services, Inc.

"Sparked some great ideas."

Barbara Larrabee, Director of Training
Gateway Technical Services

"Makes me become more focused."

Aimee Zavodney, Training Specialist
MWI Training Services

"Reminded me to think creatively about what I do ... Excitement translated well into audience, Enjoyed it!"

John Casey, Account Manager
IPC Technologies

"Got to the heart of selling in a brief session ... provides valuable ideas for connecting with people."

Jim Beauchamp, President
Software Consortium, Inc.

"Speaker was very good. (I liked) the idea of creating value in an introduction. Very good speaker!"

Randy Goodwin, President
Goodwin Associates

"Many new ideas on conducting seminar marketing."

Peter Warasila, Manager, Consulting Services
Daugherty Systems

"Provides confidence"

Nancy Clifford, Seminar Manager
Software Consortium

"A lot of information in sixty minutes!"

Gloria Chase, Vice President
MWI Training Services

"Ties together and presents old and new in an easy-to-digest form."

Philip Petty, Operations Manager
Network Dynamics, Inc.

"Good sales training"

David Stansell, Vice President
E. J. Bell & Associates

"Well done!"

Mr. Jim Kudzal, General Manager
Brook-Anthony Corp.

"Have this guy, Dick-come back! Definitely added new marketing skills to our schedule ... this was extremely useful and an efficient use of time. Brief and to the point."

Ms. Kim Klein, Director of Business Development
AAC Associates